The KEEP now accessible via dial-up in multiple countries

We are now accessable by SIMNET a dialup service that connects to BBS’s worldwide via a network of modems.

NEW: US (Buffalo, NY): +1 716 342 2772
NEW: US (Chatsworth, GA) +1 706 422 9538
US (Oklahoma City, V.92, real landline): +1 405 4983703
Finland (2G GSM data): +358 465 0057498
Romania (v.34 over G.711 VOIP): +4037-374-0384

Note: See the link above for updated numbers they are adding more all the time.

HOWTO: connect to simnet modem, hit enter, then type KEEP to connect to The KEEP.. it’s that easy.. once you disconnect from The KEEP you will go back to SIMNET and you can just type BYE to hang up.

Of course you can always dial directly to The KEEP with 503 646 2407


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