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Lunatix now on The KEEP

I just discovered the game Lunatix was still supported/registerable so I picked it up for the BBS and installed it! /go lunatix or it’s on the RPG games menu

Also added Distant Lands addon for The Legend Of the Red Dragon with some addon modules!

Mystic messages from the same author is also now onine.. /go Mystic

GE RESET at 5am tomorrow 8/1

Congrats to the winner Hobie!

Top 20 Roster List
Player                Score                 Kills      Pl       Empire Sz
Hobie                226983438 9141  701   191100.000m
Bill The Cat    5605850       944      0        0.000m
Perezrol           2423357       655      0        0.000m
Traven             683242          109      1        225.000m
GloMasterG 418180           56        4       188.340m

InFiNiTy CoMpLeX now online

InFiNiTy CoMpLeX  is a game for majorbbs that has been long sought after.   NOW Online on thekeep.netdownload movie Why Him?

[InFiNiTy] [CoMpLeX] is a game where the player collects weaponry and weapons parts and tries to avoid being killed by the Commies who roam the complex screaming insane things. Players can form teams and claim team rooms. Players who do not exit in a team or player room will roam the complex themselves. Master Control, a slightly crazed computer, runs the complex, directing weaponry shipments and influencing your fate. (Formerly Parallax)