Software update

I’ve updated the BBS to the latest version which is in public BETA so there may be some issues. Please let me know via email to if you have any issues getting on OR using part of the system

The new software removed the web server so web access to the main BBS is obviously removed.. the domain will direct to this wordpress site for the time being.

Currently offline modules:

  • Lunatix
  • Tele-arena 2
  • Webblaster Pro
  • who’sonline web plugin

2 thoughts on “Software update”

  1. Apropos of nothing but I miss the old days back when you were located in NP and everything was so new! Glad to see you’re still going. I think my handle was Hunter or Cobra.. I don’t remember.

    1. I’ve been looking into setting up the old ti based bbs I ran back then.. I’ll see what I can figure out to get it on the Internet

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