The KEEP now accessible via dial-up in multiple countries

We are now accessable by SIMNET a dialup service that connects to BBS’s worldwide via a network of modems.

NEW: US (Buffalo, NY): +1 716 342 2772
NEW: US (Chatsworth, GA) +1 706 422 9538
US (Oklahoma City, V.92, real landline): +1 405 4983703
Finland (2G GSM data): +358 465 0057498
Romania (v.34 over G.711 VOIP): +4037-374-0384

Note: See the link above for updated numbers they are adding more all the time.

HOWTO: connect to simnet modem, hit enter, then type KEEP to connect to The KEEP.. it’s that easy.. once you disconnect from The KEEP you will go back to SIMNET and you can just type BYE to hang up.

Of course you can always dial directly to The KEEP with 503 646 2407


Firewall added to the BBS

I have been forced to add a firewall to the bbs due to the continual attempts to “brute force” the telnet session. I am blocking traffic from the geographic areas that are doing the majority of the connections. If you normally could get on the BBS and are having difficulties with telnet please email me at thekeepbbs@gmail and I’ll put in a whitelist entry for you. If you are having any trouble getting online please let me know.


Door games back online

We have joined a group of other systems on a co-hosted door server system. There are now two door servers to choose from with many of your favorite door games. Once you select door games it will connect you to the server and give you a menu:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Waiting to connect to Door Servers...Connect!

Bill The Cat.

1. Door Party
2. BBSlink
Choose Door Server - [X] to exit to BBS >>>

Selecting 1 or 2 and hitting enter will get you connected. Quitting out with X will return you to the BBS.

InFiNiTy CoMpLeX now online

InFiNiTy CoMpLeX  is a game for majorbbs that has been long sought after.   NOW Online on thekeep.netdownload movie Why Him?

[InFiNiTy] [CoMpLeX] is a game where the player collects weaponry and weapons parts and tries to avoid being killed by the Commies who roam the complex screaming insane things. Players can form teams and claim team rooms. Players who do not exit in a team or player room will roam the complex themselves. Master Control, a slightly crazed computer, runs the complex, directing weaponry shipments and influencing your fate. (Formerly Parallax)